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The Pursuit of Balance:

Yoga, Food, Wine and Nature
An All-inclusive Hawaiian Retreat

Oahu May 17-20th 2018


Yurtland, Waialua, HI


Hosted by Marisa Hallsted and Courtney Wexler


Cost Per Person:

Early Bird February 19- March 19th $995-$1295pp

March 19th- May 1st $1195 -$1495pp


Spend a 4 days immersed in the breathtaking beauty of Hawaii’s tropical nature, while taking time to breathe, connect with community, and be nourished with incredible island cuisine and wine. You will explore practices of mindfulness in traditional ways (think yoga and meditation) and not-so traditional ways (think wine tasting and booty shaking).  By the time you return to daily life, you will have embodied the tools to continue living with JOY in each moment--finding the balance of effort and ease; work and play in all aspects of your life.  


Your Teachers & Hosts


Courtney - Founder of Yoga for my Homies

Courtney is passionate about bringing mindfulness into all aspects of life. Being mindful means staying curious and staying curious helps keep us healthy and youthful. When our thoughts are in line with our best self, our words and actions start to reflect that. The process starts from within and reflects outward. This knowledge has been one of the greatest gifts yoga has given Courtney over the course of practicing yoga for almost twenty years and teaching for over seven years. 


Marisa - Self-Exploration Guide at Marisoul

Marisa teaches that exploring our inner world is what allows us to shine and be fully empowered in the experience of our lives.

It is through her own self-exploration--deepening her knowledge and practice of modern movement  and the ancient teachings of yoga & meditation--that she uncovers her own light and power.

As a trained dancer and certified yoga & meditation teacher, it is her passion to guide others along their journey of self discovery. Students learn techniques to fully immerse in their senses that allows them to access their divine embodiment and true nature of light. Marisa is also the founder of the Mindful Vine, unifying years serving as a certified sommelier and her passion for guiding mindfulness and meditation. The Mindful Vine is a guieded exploration of the senses unifying formal wine tasting and meditation.

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