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Every day is targeted around a specific group of postures (ie, standing poses, backbending poses, arm balance poses, etc). 
Each day you get a PDF document you can refer to that has key points of alignment for the specific poses for that day. 
Video content for each day includes:
* 1 video describing and demonstrating the breakdown of 4 to 5 poses focused on that day.
* 1 video explaining an anatomical theme related to the poses.
* 1 video explaining a Sanskrit word of the day.
* 1 video of an asana class to take.
* 1 audio recording of a 10-minute meditation.
Each day averages 1.5 hours of content. 
Three price tiers to choose from: click here.
Online subscription service with unlimited access to classes of various styles, lengths, themes and levels.

Start anytime. Cancel anytime.

200+ videos currently uploaded with more classes
being added to the library monthly.

Each video is filmed against a beautiful backdrop.
Views of trees, mountains and ocean are used to create a feeling of escape into nature so that even if you can't practice outside you'll feel as if you had.

Only $20/month.
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