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Our Other Yoga Homie Teachers

In addition to Head Homie, Courtney, you will find other yoga homies teaching at Leahi Park that serve as guest teachers in the event that a substitute is needed.

Eric Broder
Van Dyke

Yoga Homeboy


Guest Teacher

Eric Broder Van Dyke grew up on Oahu, handstanding in the shallow ocean water. But it wasn't until 2001, that he discovered yoga. He was instantly enchanted by the Rocket style of Ashtanga flow and years later a one-month training with the ‘Rocketman’ Larry Schultz himself in San Francisco ended up lasting five years.


Eric began teaching yoga in 2006 around the city of San Francisco at It’s Yoga, Astayoga, and Allied Fitness Professional Services. And continued learning at White Lotus Foundation with Ganga White in the hills of Santa Barbara. Now Eric has returned home to Oahu and is honored to be sharing what he has learned with others.


Eric's class is like riding in a starship -- a moving and breathing meditation. Through his uplifting and invigorating teaching style he aims to empower the body and mind and helps each student to grow into the true potential of their being. Eric teaches his students to access the powerful benefits of a yoga practice for themselves and through yoga to sharpen the tools of existence – the mind, body and spirit so that they may better connect with their fellow cosmic energy forces. Yoga is the path to experiencing the true wonder and privilege of being. For you are your breath.


Demar Corbell

Yoga Homeboy


​Guest Teacher

Demar Corbell has recently returned home to Hawai‘i. Born on O’ahu, he feels a deep connection to islands and the culture here, which continuously keeps him striving to live Aloha and bring the Aloha Spirit into his yoga practice.


Demar was first introduced to yoga in college in California, where he also learned to become an American Sign Language Interpreter. You may have seen him at the monthly event at Fresh Café, Yoga for the People, interpreting for our local Deaf community members. Demar received his yoga teacher training at Yoga Tree San Francisco where he had the opportunity to study with many inspiring yoga teachers such as: Stephanie Snyder, Janet Stone, Shiva Rae, Judith Lassater, and many others. He went on to work as part of the staff at Rusty Wells’ studio, Urban Flow, where he became inspired by Rusty’s ‘Bhakti Flow’ style. There he was introduced to many other influential yoga teachers including MC Yogi and his wife Amanda Giacomini and has since remained friends. Look out for some of MC Yogi’s jams interpreted into ASL in the near future!


Although Demar has been exposed to a broad variety of yoga styles, his teaching and personal practice focus mainly on vinyasa, and bhakti flow. Often Demar will begin and end class with a devotional chant, leaving you filled with a blissful feeling of joy and contentment.


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